How to make your property stand out online

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted slowly around the country, many house hunters will still turn to online property listings first as the new normal for inspecting homes. With more and more people inspecting homes online before making the commitment to see them in person, it’s more important than ever to make sure your property stands out online. 

Style your home according to the buyer

Your agent will be able to tell you the buyer demographic that your home will appeal to, so it’s important that you capture their attention by styling your property to suit their criteria. For example, if your home appeals to a family with young children, it can be beneficial to style one of the bedrooms in your property for a young child. 

Your property tells a story

With virtual tours and video walkthroughs now a part of online property listings, it’s important to remember that your home needs to tell a story. A virtual tour or recorded video walkthrough will begin at the front door or the front gate of the property. So, when you’re styling your home for video, be sure to think about making an entrance. Keep the styling consistent throughout the home too. 

Think about space

When it comes to rearranging furniture and styling your home, remember to think about how you can enhance the space. Clutter will make your home look smaller in photos or videos. It’s also important to strike a balance between lived-in and empty. If your home looks too empty and spacious, it may be difficult for a buyer to establish an emotional connection with your home. If your home looks too cluttered, it can push buyers away. You’ll need to find a nice middle ground to make your home look lived-in, but with space for the buyer’s imagination. 

Create a lifestyle 

To help with the buyer’s perspective of your home, think about the lifestyle they may live in your property. Once you know the buyer demographic you’re targeting, you’ll be able to create an imagined lifestyle for them through the styling of your home. For example, you might create a property designed for dinner party guests, with space to accommodate visiting friends and family and a large dining table or seating area. 

While social distancing restrictions easing and open home inspections returning, the most likely first place prospective buyers will see your home remains online. Make sure your home stands out when they’re scrolling through.

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