Renovating vs Selling. Which option should you choose?

Making the decision to either renovate or sell can be a tough one, especially when the sales market becomes quieter.  When planning to sell your home, usually there will be a consideration around the current market conditions, the costs to sell and the emotional attachment that is within your home.  Some things to consider when

Understanding the value of your home

As real estate agents, we understand that valuing your property can be a daunting task. However, it’s crucial to have an accurate understanding of your property’s worth to make informed decisions about selling or refinancing your home. Let’s explore how a residential property is valued and the factors that can affect its valuation price. First

Tips to help ease your mortgage stress

Changes in the property market, increases in the costs of living and rising interest rates can all contribute toward mortgage stress and while repayments on loans or everyday expenses may rise, there are steps that you can take to help ease the pressures of increased expenses. Health check your budget Before cutting costs, it is

Tips for when a sale falls through

Sales don’t always go according to plan and on occasion, a sales offer will fall through. In cases such as this, it can add additional stress to what is already a high-pressure transaction, and it is helpful to understand what comes next and have the right agent on your side.  Be selective of your buyer

Can a pool add value to my home?

Warmer days in the summer months can see many homeowners longing for the cool reprieve that can come with owning a pool.  Before rushing out to make plans and install one in your backyard, it is a good idea to weigh up whether it will increase or detract from the value of your home when

3 rooms that add value to your home

When you think about making improvements to your home prior to selling, you may look at the most affordable options that are going to add value to the property and ensure that you don’t overcapitalise. Small improvements to some rooms in your home can give the property a quick refresh and often add significant value

How to create a buyer attractive home

Attracting people to your home is key to getting a successful sale at a maximum price and there are some essential areas that potential buyers may look at when it comes to their list of requirements in living spaces and may ultimately determine if they choose your home to buy. Be smart about areas you

Selling your investment property while tenanted

Deciding to sell your investment property is a big step on your investor journey and one that may help to free up the necessary funds to move on to your next venture. When you do choose to sell, there may be tenants still occupying the property and you will need to make the decision to

How long does it take to sell a house?

One of the questions that will often be asked when you choose to sell your home, is how long will it take to sell? There are commentators who will claim to know the science behind how long a property will stay on the market before a qualified buyer snaps it up.  There are no fixed

What is my property worth?

When calculating the worth of your property, a sales agent will take a number of elements into account when calculating the appraisal price and how they feel your home would fit in line with market expectations. Property type and land size A sales agent will look at the type of property that you own as

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