What inclusions to expect in a contract for sale

A contract for sale is a requirement for property sales and the process will change depending on the state that you are selling your property in. As a vendor or seller, it is part of your responsibility to have the contract prepared prior to listing your home for sale. A contract for sale is designed

Should you renovate or sell your home?

There are many reasons why you might decide to sell your home, it could be the need to upsize or downsize, the need to relocate or even find something more modern. When you are on the path to your next move, sometimes it is worthwhile considering if you need to sell or if a renovation

Don’t forget the first impression in your property sale

When looking to sell there is often a focus on the interior of the property and any inclusions, layout and features that will appeal to potential buyers. You may concentrate on any repairs or improvements in these areas, however, it is also important to focus on the first impression of the home that a potential


The property has sold, and you are making plans to move on to your next home. Prepare for your moving day in advance so that you have a strategy around settlement day and beyond. Arrange your removalists Finding removalists can be a tricky task. As soon as you have a proposed date for settlement, look

The property has sold, so what comes next?

The property has exchanged either under the hammer at auction or through negotiation in a private treaty sale and the first step is done. So, what comes next?  There are still a few steps before settlement can go through and some key areas to be aware of in the lead-up to the final sale of

Should I sell my investment property

Making the decision to sell your investment property is usually one that is not made lightly, and you may find that you spend some time deliberating over whether to sell the property or hold onto the investment. Timing when to sell your property is often a major factor and the length of time that you

The benefits of video in selling your home

In an online world, prospective buyers will look to the property portals and websites in the search for their new home. A professional video walk-through of your property can be one of the most impactful first impressions that a buyer may have before they attend the inspection. There are great benefits to using video in

What comes next if a sale falls through

When you sell your home, the expectation is that it will be as straightforward as allowing people through, the auction or sales negotiation and then settlement to free you to move onto your next property. But what happens when all doesn’t go according to plan?  There are times during a property sale when the potential


In markets where there is a lot of competition with many listings or even in those when the listing pool is scarce, a great marketing campaign with the right elements can be key in finding you the fastest possible buyer at the best price. Agents may talk with you about the prospect of advertising the

What can you take with you when you sell

It can be an exciting and overwhelming step when your home finally settles and during the moving process, there may be some confusion as to what you can take with you during the move and what is required when you hand the keys over to the new owners. When you are preparing contracts with your

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