What are the benefits of staging my home for sale

There are many benefits to staging when selling your home and depending on the style of your home and budget, there are professional stylists who can work with you and your agent to find the best solutions in presenting the property for sale. It increases the look and feel of the home Bringing in furnishings,

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Is it the right time to sell my investment property?

There is no shortage of information and opinion about any real estate market and an abundance of advice on what the best options are in the market at the time. If you are an investment property owner, there might be information relating to changes in legislation, potential tax benefits and dips and rises in the

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Are you selling yourself short? Leverage market appraisals

Most property owners receive offers for a market appraisal from one or more real estate agents on a weekly basis. While this offer is designed to be the first point of contact between property owners and agents and offered as a free service, the appraisal itself can be a valuable tool if handled correctly. Is

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Setting The Right Price When Selling Your Home

The real estate market is highly dynamic, and the final sale price of a property is determined by several factors. While the mortgage owed and the cost of purchasing another property are important considerations, they do not solely determine the listing price or the eventual sale price. An experienced real estate agent with local knowledge

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What you can include on contracts of sale

Signing contracts of sale for any property can seem daunting, at first. But, when handled correctly, the procedure should be straightforward and easy to understand — for buyer and seller. During the negotiation process and once a deal has been agreed to by both parties, a contract of sale is signed by the vendor and

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Working with nature to help property values thrive

If you’re planning to put your property on the market, the importance of presentation cannot be overemphasised — and never more so than in the garden.  An appealing outdoor zone and landscaped gardens can hugely increase the value of a home, which is why prospective sellers should start putting their green thumbs to good use

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