AUCTION vs. PRIVATE TREATY: Which is better for you?

There are plenty of different terms used to describe property campaigns, but there are really only two ways of marketing:

A) Private Treaty

B) Auction

Choosing the right one for you is easy.

If you…

…aren’t in a hurry and don’t want to feel any time pressure.

…want to dissuade inspections from buyers who have searched in a different price bracket.

…don’t mind the prospect of opening your home for more inspections over a longer period.

Then choose to market your property via Private Treaty.

Selling by private treaty means setting a price and marketing your property until a buyer is found. You can also negotiate on the price with potential buyers.

If you…

…are keen to compress the time it takes to finalise a sale.

…want to attract all possible buyers, regardless of their original budget.

…are willing to create time pressure for buyers to increase competition.

Then choose to market your property via Auction.

Selling at auction means setting a date and time for when bidding will open and close, and then marketing your property leading up to the auction day.

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