Are you selling yourself short? Leverage market appraisals

Most property owners receive offers for a market appraisal from one or more real estate agents on a weekly basis. While this offer is designed to be the first point of contact between property owners and agents and offered as a free service, the appraisal itself can be a valuable tool if handled correctly.

Is the price ideal?

Ideally, property owners should seek at least three opinions on their property’s value before making any decisions. The median value of the three appraisals will likely be the most accurate indication of the property’s worth. If the figures quoted by the agents seem too high or too low, this may be due to flaws in the marketing or valuation processes.

Marketing, commissions, property sale methods, and gut instinct are all important factors to consider when choosing an agent to work with. Property owners should carefully assess each agent’s strengths and weaknesses before making a decision that will have a significant financial impact on their future.

What makes the price ideal?

An effective appraisal should include advice on how to present the property in its best light and whether any potential improvements are worth carrying out. The external appearance of the property is crucial, as most buyers instinctively look at it first. Maintaining the garden, the path leading to the front door, and ensuring the doorbell works can create a lasting positive impression.

Taking a closer look

Inside the property, property owners should create an invitingly lived-in look with the help of their agent’s advice on lighting, fragrances, pets, and general tidiness. Adding fresh flowers, brewing coffee, and a drop of vanilla essence on a warm hotplate for a just-finished cooking aroma can help to entice buyers.

Distance is key

It is important that property owners not be present during inspections. This is to protect the owners’ sensitivity as what they love about their own property may not be what a future owner may appreciate. It also creates a welcoming atmosphere that buyers will appreciate. Many agents suggest that homeowners be flexible about inspection times during the selling period to ensure the property is available to the widest range of potential buyers.

Market appraisals can be an invaluable tool for property owners. Seeking at least three opinions and carefully assessing each agent’s strengths and weaknesses can make a significant difference when selling a property. Maintaining the external appearance of the property and creating an inviting interior can help attract buyers. Finally, property owners should be flexible and not present during inspections to create a positive experience for potential buyers.

Final words

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best outcome for your property, get in touch with our team now and let us help you navigate the market to get the best price for you.

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